Common rail injector test bench BOSCH EPS 118

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This is the test bench to control all common rail injectors using a standalone machine like the CRI-PC rival brand
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injector test bench BOSCH EPS 118 of the company BOSCH

This is the tool for testing all common rail injectors BOSCH SIEMENS DELPHI / LUCAS and DENSO using stand-alone machine and allowing to diagnose as to find the status of an injector

As useful and easy manipulation of a machine tool tare caters to all the garages. it allows for decision making to the justification to the customer with a detailed document on the state of injectors.

This test bench powered by a CP3 pump for the test as in real conditions, using a graphical display on Expert injected volumes and test pressures.

This bench is able to test the brand BOSCH CRI CRN et piezo DELPHI DENSO et SIEMENS/CONTINENTAL.

This tester provides a real advantage over the following

Test pressure up to 1800 bar
  • touchscreen
  • database with test values
  • Additional specific informations on the injectors
  • visualization of the spray through a transparent chamber simple
  • graphic display printing reports
  • compact 60 * 60
If a workshop carries 4 week test, the machine is amortized in two years

Operating at a test pressure of up to 1,800 bar, the Bosch EPS 118 tester reproduces the state of operation of common rail injector. Fully automated, the tester makes electrical and hydraulic control. It performs a measurement of resistance, induction and ability and control the various hydraulic test points. The visualization of the spray in the transparent injection chamber is another criterion for visual assessment of the injector, providing rapid additional information the service's operation. The test values ​​required for CR injectors Bosch and other manufacturers, and patterns of injectors are integrated in the device's database. Via a WiFi connection, the technician can print the test report in connection with the customer data. The printer, keyboard, and mouse can be connected via USB or WiFi network. The tester is supplied with 240 volts (phase voltage) and requires a conventional compressed air feeding from 6 to 8 bar.

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Click on this link to see the demonstration of the BOSCH EPS 118

 You must see in the second image shown right, testing a 0445110087 injector for full load value.
The pressure test is 800 bar (804)
The flow rate (lower dial) between min and max
the return (dial up) between the minimum and maximum
The test is good for this stage remains to move the other four tests.

Click on this link to download the original BOSCH presentation