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How to find the number of your DENSO injector







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Wo are we

Serving our customers for 35 years

We are a firm of remanufactured injection parts as fuel injectors and fuel injection pump

At the heart of LUBERON 80 km north of Marseille, our company LBJ PIECES AUTO is specialise on renovating injector and pump from different generation from mecanical to Common Rail

In a workshop where the filtation removes most impurities, our test benches allow us to verify the standardised repair and controlled by the manufactured through the use of genuire part and repair process BOSCH DELPHI DENSO et SIEMENS.


Above all, it is most important to make a diagnosis of the injectors. For that he can be adapted this method to control the leak of injectors show in this link.

You can ask a mechanic a fault code search.

Once the certainty of a problem on one or more injectors, you can send them to us.

The old material is removed and cleaned our premises in France. It is subjected to washing in several detergent bath and then to a chemical action in tanks with ultrasound..

After drying, we analyze all the parts under a microscope. We change for all common rail injector: the valve, the ball, the ball door seals and the injector tip. We use new parts manufacturer's original.

The other components are reused in the extent that they pass the tests imposed by the manufacturer of the injector

We go all the parts according to the method recommended by the manufacturer and readjust the shims to meet manufacturing tolerances.

At the end of winding each injector is passed to the testing bench and must respond to the following positive controls specific to each injector :

Full Load (VL)


Load Average (EM)

Slow motion (LL)

Deceleration (VE)

The specifications for these 5 tests was established by the manufacturer and all these points are validated. The injectors do not meet this control his put off.

In addition to some DENSO injectors and only if these five tests are validated, it is generated a code has 30 characters with fifty additional and repetitive tests. This code allows to calculate a standard deviation of the standard. It will be filled in the vehicle injection computer so that it take this into account in its management of the injection.

After passing the bench, the injectors are stored in sealed bags or returned to the customer

We mainly repair injectors for four manufacturers :





Click on this link to access our rates for our injector exchange.


DENSO injector for the reference is to the body of the injector followed by serial number (here 11P00088). Pictured below is the reference 5870 Either the reference to include in the search module 095000-5870 or reference MAZDA 13H50B

On this model the reference is the manufacturer number NISSAN 16600-EB300 which you can enter directly into our search module.

It is possible but less reliable for seeking the reference sound injector according to his vehicle.

This does not replace the reference found on the injector REMAINS THE ONLY VALID POINT OF REFERENCE, but it can confirm a damaged reference that was poorly visualized on the injector.

For this we have established a PDF file downloading on which you can click on the references of the injectors to arrive directly on the product page of this injector.

Click on this link to to download the allocation of DENSO injector by vehicle


While our website is based on the original reference product.

Based on this reference, the site displays the product and possible components of this product.

For an injector reference, one can thus obtain the injector remanufactured but also seals the valve, the injector nose, instructions, etc. etc.

Sometimes we can identify the pump or the injectors relative to a registration. Please note that this procedure may generate errors and does not exempt to control the exact part number before ordering.

Our chat service or instant messaging, permanently available, allows a dialogue with one of our sales representatives and is used to direct you to our website

Place your reference where indicated by the arrow.

You can mark here as a reference for pump this pump or view its constituents

You can place a reference constructor, and to the extent that the latter is in our database, the software will show equivalence. Be careful though, manufacturers are quick to create new references (without telling us, ah they are cur ...) story red herring. If you can not find your happiness, do not hesitate to contact us

Finally you can place a brand and a model car but you risk getting nothing or otherwise plethora of proposals.

It is always difficult to leave the car to get a spare part than from the reference which is most of the time marked on the part.

Click this link to locate the reference enplacement pumps and injectors.

Click on this link to go in search modude

In case you want to appear the components of an injector or a pump please enter the reference of the pump or the injector without spaces DPC pumps LUCAS / DELPHI as the example below:

I get 9 results for this DPC8445B323D pump that can enter uppercase or lowercase

There may be several pages of results that you can scroll up and right

Here we see the seal kit, cover kit and plug the trapdoor, free to you to select the parts you need to put the cart and return to this list with the back button on your browser.

All pump parts are not on our website according to your need, we can add them

Click on this link to go to the search module

you can also select the tree of our website and scroll through the products but it is long not very effective and very soporific except perhaps for products that we do not know the code as tooling or benches

We also source products cetains supply concepts

We offer certified original parts and guaranteed by the manufacturer of the pump or injector

We also offer a so-called piece "adaptable" manufactured by a manufacturer specialized in this type of room but the less famous lowers the sale price.

The selection is done by sliding the small assenceur materialized by the red arrow in the photo below