Performance additive STANADYNE Formula© 500 ml

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Performance additive STANADYNE Formula© 500 ml
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Performance additive STANADYNE Formula© 500 ml

Diesel injection material technologies have evolved these last few years and it requires the use of an efficient fuel.

With over 50 years experience in this field, STANADYNE, has developed its own range of additive for diesel engine which the following benefits:

Interview the injection system:
Improves lubrication.
Removes solid deposits (gums and calamine), especially on the injector tip.
Removes water from the diesel enemy # 1, Diesel and especially HDI system:
Protection against corrosion.
Protection against the growth of bacteria.
Improve starting in cold weather;
Reduces the emission of smoke and particle.
Cleans and protects with detergents.

Format: 500ml. Can treat 250 liters of fuel

What makes the additive PERFORMANCE FORMULA © unique:

The only additive for diesel fuel developed by one of the five independent manufacturers of diesel injection equipment.
The best product based on independent testing organizations in the USA.