Common Rail Injector

Specialist automotive spare parts Diesel injection system for automobile, our company offers online sales of all the technology of Bosch common rail injector park last generation high-pressure electronically controlled. Included in this category of cheap injector or a small price, exchange standard diesel injector, new injector, diesel injectors in common rail standard exchange.
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Common Rail BOSCH Injector

Common Rail BOSCH InjectorBOSCH is the largest European manufacturer of diesel fuel injection systems. It also has the widest range. The manufacturer has developed two ranges; VL range and range PL.

Common Rail DELPHI Injector

Common Rail DELPHI InjectorDelphi is a global player in the automotive equipment and the purchase of the former LUCAS Company acquired a competence in diesel systems in Europe. He also extended the range can but very distributed to many manufacturers.

Common Rail DENSO Injector

Common Rail DENSO InjectorDENSO is the largest producer of Asian diesel injection systems. TOYOTA has attached; It also has a wide range.

Common Rail SIEMENS or VDO Injector

Common Rail SIEMENS or VDO InjectorSIEMENS is the small European minnows who want to eat big !!. It has a small range of common rail injector siemens he managed to place on key manufacturers such as Ford and Peugeot. It is a major player thanks to its advanced technology and piezo be taken into account.