The injector is the party providing the introduction of fuel into the combustion chamber. We offer a wide range of injector Remanufactured and new injectors.

Common Rail Injector

Common Rail InjectorSpecialist automotive spare parts Diesel injection system for automobile, our company offers online sales of all the technology of Bosch common rail injector park last generation high-pressure electronically controlled. Included in this category of cheap injector or a small price, exchange standard diesel injector, new injector, diesel injectors in common rail standard exchange.
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injector pump

injector pumpThe unit injector is a compact unit which includes the pump and injector mounted directly in contact with the rocker on the engine cylinder head. Compared with the conventional common rail injectors, the pump-injector works at much higher pressures. This system provides a significant reduction in pollution as well as significant power gains. He has a big flaw against noise pollution and pressure rise.
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instrumented injector

instrumented injectorthe instrumented injector, only on a ramp of 4 injectors is fitted with a sensor said "of needle lift" to go back to the computer the time of injection. The computer uses this information to manage the injection timing by the pump and to information from the instrumented injector.
The instrumented injector is serviceable for the mechanical part and not for its electronics. If the needle lift sensor HS (even in case of leakage) we can change it. We can not repair the injector instrumented if the problem comes from an injector nose that is leaking or seized.

mechanical injector

mechanical injector